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Forms Processing

Process your data ensuring data validating and verification through experts.

BabuiIT Form Processing Service uses a variety of specialized tools and technologies and employs experts to help you extract data from your surveys, invoices, applications, data-input forms, contracts or any standard forms of paper-based data in to any kind of format i.e. centralized database, text file, spreadsheet, Microsoft Access database, SPSS etc. We do also develop customized database application solution to fit your organization need.

As paper documents of your organization are useless until the actual data is extracted into your system, our Forms Processing Service can help your team concentrate on your regular business processes rather spending day-after-day on entering data.

Your human resources are the most important asset to your business process – who knows your business better than your staff. So don’t engage them bogging down on the forms and waste their time. Engage their knowledge and experience to accomplish your business objective and resolve critical business problems.

On the other hand you can employ data entry operators and train them which is much complicate and burdensome then outsourcing your data-entry operations to BabuiIT Forms Processing Services. It will reduce the employee expenditure, training cost and the possibility of error-full data entry.

Cost Effectiveness: While using third party service organization, data entry or form processing should be cost effective than employing your own staff. At BabuiIT Forms Processing Service we provide FREE pick-up and deliver and guarantee the lowest per page data entry rates. We also provide FREE consultation about saving, backing-up and archiving data.

Quality: Data verification and validation are the most critical issue for extracting data from the paper based forms. At BabuiIT Forms Processing Service we use industry standard expertise to validate data after being entered by the data entry operators. We follow two methods for data entry: One is the manual data entry using data entry operators and second is the automated OCR program to extract data from your forms. In Either cases, a group of data validations re-check data according to your paper-form to make sure the quality is guaranteed. Errors are corrected and data integrity is guaranteed. BabuiIT Forms Processing Service speeds up data entry, improves accuracy, and ensures that the data going in to your systems is correct.

Timeliness: We ensure project follow-up using professional project management tools and are readily available to inform you about the status of the work. We believe that your deadlines are our deadlines and in case of emergency we deploy additional experts to work 24X7 to provide you the best and fastest output.

We offer:

  • We provide high speed, cost-effective , quality controlled forms processing.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) - a powerful process that extracts the text from documents after they are scanned.
  • We provide flexible output formats ranging from CSV, text file, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SPSS, MySQL, dBase, FoxPro etc. Extracted data will be saved on removable media such as CD-ROM, Tape Drives, sent directly via FTP/email directly to you, or hosted on our secure web servers for instant online viewing. We backup every single piece of data we scan on tape drive and stored in a secure data warehouse and in case of damage or lost of files at your end we will provide you a replacement. Please note that in case you want your privacy kept secure, we will delete all the data saved from our storage server.
  • We also provide you design, deploy and manage file management server system using industry standard NOS Server and tools.
  • Whether you are adding data to an existing system or starting from scratch, we look forward to working with you.

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Speed-up and ensure data accuracy with forms processing

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