Babui IT Provides IT Consultancy Service to Help Organization Plan, Deploy, Secure and Administer Global Technology Driven Business Network

IT Infrastructure Overview

Transform your IT infrastructure into a robust, flexible business enabler

Today’s Information technology solutions are increasingly complex. Identifying and successfully implementing the most appropriate solution for your organization is essential to optimizing your IT efficiency and overall business performance.

BabuiIT's IT Infrastructure services can help you map technology solutions to your unique business needs, select the most suitable and effective elements from the array of current and emerging technologies, and deploy them to your greatest advantage. 

In addition, BabuiIT can help you developing the necessary processes and tools to support the rapid implementation of enhanced services for your customers and end-users.

Out IT Infrastructure services are consist of following six core modules:

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Operating System and Directory Services Converged Network Services

BabuiIT Operating System Security and Directory Services consist of four core processes:

Operating System Service helps selecting, deploying, and managing desktop operating systems,

Operating Systems Security service deal with OS security and desktop security tools and applications, 

Directory Service helps your selecting, deploying and managing Microsoft Active Directory, Novel Directory Services, 

Enterprise service deals with messaging and collaborations solution using different tools and technologies from different vendors.

BabuiIT Storage System Services consist of three core processes:

Storage Management Service helps you selecting, deploying and managing storage devices, developing document management process, organizing documents in appropriate way, backing up and restoring data, develop disaster recovery system for your mission critical data and information. 

Storage Architecture Service helps you selecting the most suitable storage architecture to fulfil your requirements and 

Data Consolidation and Migration Service helps you consolidate and migrate data in a centralized storage server to help reduce data duplication.

IT Security Cutting  Edge Tech Services

BabuiIT Information Technology Security Services consist of four core processes:

IT Security Risk Assessment Service helps you securing your IT Infrastructure by minimizing unauthorized access to your resources by identifying and preventing OS and Application vulnerabilities, Analyze potential risks and develop preventive, corrective and recovery measures, address all aspects of network security threats. 

IT Security Infrastructure Service deals with authentication and access control, investigate your existing infrastructure to identify and mitigate known security threats, deploy preventive security tools and technologies; 

Defence Planning Service helps you develop security policies and procedures, define the clear infrastructure of your IT Security operations, resolve unexpected information security events - providing you incident management service and also provides you security awareness training to your end-users and IT staff. 

Managed Security Services provides you two services- firewall managed service and incident response service.

BabuiIT Network and System Management Services consist of four core processes:

 IT Operations Service deals with IT Operation Assessment, IT Operations Architecture and Implementation of selection IT Architecture. 

IT Optimization service optimize it operations and analyze application impact on your existing IT architecture, Assess network baseline. 

Network Service Management helps you selecting the best network architecture suitable for your need, implement selected methodology and assess network baseline for future reference. 

BabuiIT Project Management Services are designed to help you manage your project throughout the IT life cycle. BabuiIT Project Management Team applies knowledge, skills, tools, and best practices to meet your project requirements including schedule, budget, solution and/or service quality, and customer satisfaction.

BabuiIT Cutting Edge Technology Service is on the most unique service dealing with state of the art technologies technologies that will be critical to evolving networks for next-generation applications and services. These technologies may hold tremendous opportunities for enterprises and services providers to increase network flexibility and improve performance for the near future. This service provides evaluation and architecture components for each technology in order to determine its potential, as well as optimal application, for each individual client environment.
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