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Project Management Services

Accelerate return on investment through professional project management.

The key to success in today’s complex IT  environment is the ability to manage projects efficiently and effectively. This takes strong skills and experience from people and teams that have succeeded in taking projects from initiation to completion.

Project management services from BabuiIT utilize proven experience and methodologies to deliver IT solutions that meet the business technology needs of our clients. The skills of our project leaders and team members are broad and deep, with expertise in virtually every aspect of networking, communications, technology and engineering solutions.

BabuiIT can deliver project management skills to your organization quickly and efficiently. We can provide your organization with project leaders or project teams for virtually any IT or engineering project. Our considerable experience in delivering complex solutions for our clients has taught us that success requires skills both in working with clients as business partners, and in providing the leadership to manage complex consulting engagements.

As the size, complexity, and mission-criticality of business networks increase, professional project management offers companies tremendous value in managing change involving multiple technologies, vendors, and locations. In fact, conservative reports indicate that without project management, more than 50% of projects fail. Professional project management provides the centralized and comprehensive coordination required to ensure projects are implemented to specifications, on time, and within budget.

Project Management services from BabuiIT are designed to help you manage your project throughout the IT life cycle. BabuiIT Project Management Team applies knowledge, skills, tools, and best practices to meet your project requirements including schedule, budget, solution and/or service quality, and customer satisfaction.

BabuiIT's Project Management Services offers a full suite of services to initiate, plan, implement, and close network projects of all scales and sizes throughout their entire lifecycle. This enables you to focus on core business operations while we ensure the work delivered meets business requirements, is integrated into your business, and provides value to your organization.


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  • Consultation and implementation services for you in your pursuit of enterprise project/portfolio management 
  • Project portfolio management by aligning IT projects and investments with business priorities 
  • Utilization of Project Management Best Practices which typically results in predictable, visible and repeatable project successes 
  • Services delivered by experienced, certified BabuiIT Project Managers, including technical installation and deployment of various Project Management software
  • Know exactly what their costs will be
  • Find it easier to meet their objectives
  • Receive high-quality deliverables
  • Can easily ramp up or down based on market conditions
  • Benefit from Butler's processes and highly-skilled employees


All projects, whatever their scale, start with a requirement and a goal to be met. Modis believes that the appointment of a confident and committed project manager, or project management team, is the first step to achieving that goal. Modis provides this service based on experience and trust gained through many successful projects. Modis then recommends a number of steps to follow that minimise the risk to any project.

  • Requirements must be clearly defined and agreed.
  • Feasibility including risk assessment must be tested and understood.
  • Timescales must be practical and realistic.
  • Implementation must be planned and successfully managed.
  • Contractual conditions of the requirement must be clear and concise.
  • Support services must be responsible and reliable.

Once approved, the project has to be initiated. The project may be for internal or external purposes – or simply larger and more complicated than your organization has dealt with before. Complexity, new areas of technology, unfamiliar tasks or new subcontractors may leave you feeling anxious and unsure of the project’s eventual success. BabuiIT takes away any anxiety and presents solutions in a clear and concise manner.

In planning projects, BabuiIT draws on many resources to make sure that the project plan accurately reflects the requirement, its time frame, and that the deliverable is met within the terms of the contract.

BabuiIT brings a collected and pragmatic approach to the project, reflecting a reality that can often be overlooked in the enthusiasm for a new venture. The advice we offer from the outset provides stakeholders with information that will keep them informed as the project evolves. Project managers – who have seen similar projects through to reality – ask the right questions and interpret the answers into information that is useful and viable for the project at hand.

In supporting projects, BabuiIT has all the necessary skills and processes required for control of Communications Information Services (CIS) and engineering implementation projects. These use project management principles as approved by the Association of Project Managers, the CCTA or other applicable guidelines.

BabuiIT employs a range of skills and services essential to support project teams in their working environment. Through the use of proven methodologies and practices, the company's project teams are able to call upon the following:

  • PRINCE 2
  • Project Control (Planning & Installation Design Program Management)
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Expertise
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
  • Configuration Management (CM)
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Asset Management
  • In House Design Services

Included in these skills, BabuiIT has the ability to appraise the security risks to IT and communications within the particular working environment. This includes physical security reviews, electromagnetic emissions control in secure environments, and production of system security documentation.

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