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IT Strategy & Planning

Align your IT Strategy with business objectives to deliver optimized business processes

The need for an IT Strategic Plan is necessitated by several factors: the need to link IT investment decisions with the Strategic Plan of the Organization, the need to use technology as a strategic asset, the acceleration of technological advances, the need to establish a position of technology leadership that is consistent with the organization's strengths etc. At BabuIIT, we can help you developing a organized and professional IT strategy to facilitate all factors needed to be availed by your organizations.

Our IT Strategy and Planning Services get right to the heart of the matter, implementing business imperatives while optimizing investment and delivering long-term, measurable cost savings. We can identify what needs to be done to match your IT initiatives with your business goals, helping you eliminate unnecessary activities and maximize return. Whether you need to define new services, justify expenditures on a specific project, or refine your existing business model, our IT Strategy and Planning Service provides the services you need to optimize your IT investments.

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IT Policy IT Strategy and Planning

We develop the IT policies and procedures e.g. Server Administration Policy, Internet Usage Policy, Removal Device Usage Policy; job responsibilities of IT professionals, check list of IT infrastructure administration and management which can help organizations implement an practical organization-wide IT policy. Our IT Policy Service provides you with the following documents:

When facing a significant IT initiative or service rollout, organizations need to address difficult questions and decisions long before a technical design can be initiated. These questions may include: What technology will best enable us to attain our business goals? Will we achieve a positive return on my investment (ROI)? How do we use technology as a strategic asset? So, our IT Strategy & Planning services can help you develop and deploy

  • Backup and Recover Policy
  • Developing job responsibilities of IT professionals
  • Audit & Testing Policy
  • Internet Usage Policy
  • Server Administration Policy
  • Network Usage Policy
  • Firewall Administration Policy
  • IT Equipment Acquision and disposal Policy
  • Storage Device Disposal Policy
  • Organizational IT Strategy
  • Plan your ROI
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Plan your IT Investment to optimize business processes
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