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Virtual IT

Leverage your business outsourcing all your IT responsibility.

The Virtual IT Department Services (VIT) is not a new concept; however the ability to provide these types of services for small to medium sized businesses has been completely non-existent because of the high expense.

What is VIT?

Imagine having a complete IT department available to you. Not just a desktop technician or a network administrator, but a complete technology team made up of CIO's, network administrators, network engineers, system engineers, security engineers, web developers, application developers… for one monthly price. Companies that currently have the “very best Network Administrator” (in-house or contract) still are missing out on business process automation and other basic services that are available to large corporations with 20 FTE's in their IT departments.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know what the newest technology available is for you industry?
  • How do I know if your current solution is providing the very best in services?
  • Have I received an outside evaluation of your services and solutions?
  • How about an analysis on what you spend on technology services per year?
  • Do I have a 3 year outlook for you technology budget?
  • Will I current solution enable you to grow mt business?
  • Are I meeting government mandated standards for information security?
  • What happens if I am faced with a building disaster?

These are all questions that you should have immediate answers and documentation on!

Don't let the fear of high technology costs hinder your decision to call us. We can save you up to 50% off of your total IT budget and reduce your total company expenses.

In addition to our other IT Support service , we provide the follwing service to provider you 24x7 Virtual IT Solution:

CIO/CTO Service

Making decisions and implementing processes for your business is difficult enough, you don’t need the added responsibility of keeping up with every new technology that comes to market. With IMS as a partner you won’t have to. We will get to know your business and its current technology needs, and help you make informed decisions about how to leverage your technology today and for the future.

IT Procurement Service

Procurement of IT equipment can be tedious and extra burden for your organization, specially, while relocating or inaugurating a new business facility. Our IT Procurement Service is ready to provide you all procurement related service including procurement of IT equipment, vendor selection, confirming with your organizational regulations, technology selection, Internet Service Provider selection while leaving your HR engaging only on your core business goal.

IT Vendor Management Service

Ever called a vendor and spent more time waiting for help than getting help? You’ll never have to again with us as a partner. We’ll not only manage your web host support and liaison with your Internet Service Provider, we’ll even negotiate with your web and email host and telecom vendors. And probably save you a bit of money doing it. It’s everything you’d expect from a partner - so you get the services you need while you make calls you want to.

Worried about selecting IT vendors? Worried about keeping track of vendor and service provider records? Our Vendor Management Service is a flexible service ready to provide you any kind of assistance from selecting vendor based on your organizational regulations, keeping vendor information and tracking of your procurement order and delivery, reporting on available list of vendors who can fulfil your requirements and assisting you selecting the best.

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